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Are you ready to have your fantasies come true? At, we are dedicated to helping you find the companionship of a real, sexy girl. All of our escorts are located throughout Phoenix and we are eager to introduce you to them all. Each one of our girls have been hand selected based upon their personality as well as their overall appearance. We are confident that one is going to provide you with everything that you can ask for in an evening.Regardless of whether you are looking for a date on a Friday night, a way to escape the stress of the world after a long week at work, or you want someone to accompany you to a high school reunion or wedding, our girls are prepared for anything and everything! There is no sense dating when all you really want is the companionship of a beautiful girl from time to time. We make that possible with the services that we offer.Spending time alone is simply not an option when there are Phoenix escorts as gorgeous as the girls that we have. It is understandable if you don’t have to time or patience to date, but denying yourself the company of a hot girl is simply unacceptable. You have needs and we understand them – and so do our girls. Being in the company of a girl can be the highlight of your week, your business trip, or even your year…especially with the hot girls that we have available. You can have all of your fantasies fulfilled in a single night simply by calling us at PHX Ladies and telling us what you want.

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Phoenix escorts







Phoenix escorts







Phoenix escorts







Phoenix escorts







Making a reservation with one of our beautiful girls is one of the easiest things that you can do. You can browse through our gallery and begin finding beautiful girls that you want to spend time with. Whether you want to spend an hour, an evening, or an entire weekend with them, it is possible. We offer a simple and confidential service that makes it possible to book Phoenix escorts at your convenience. You have the option to pay with credit card or with cash, and we never share your personal information with anyone. It is the most confidential experience that you will ever have.

Once you have found a beautiful girl to spend time with, you can call or contact us online to begin the process. You can choose the day and time that you want an escort to knock on your door. She can meet you at your home, at a hotel room, or anywhere in the city based upon what you plan on doing. While it is always a good idea to plan ahead of time, many of our Phoenix escorts can be on your doorstep within the hour!

In three simple steps, you can have a beautiful girl in your company:
1. Fill out our reservation contact form
2. Answer the call from a representative and confirm a time and place you would like for a girl to visit you
3. Answer the door when a beautiful girl shows up

There really isn’t anything simpler than this! Think about all of the possibilities! A long day at the office can be made so much more exciting when you know you can come home to a beautiful girl waiting for you to take your mind off of things. Stress can affect your day to day ability to get things done and our girls know just what to do to help you blow off some steam.

If you have found dating to be ineffective or you simply don’t have the time to wine and dine the way that many females demand in today’s day and age, we provide a simpler solution for you. There is no reason for you to sign up on dating websites or spend the evening a bar trying to pick a girl up. You can simply browse our gallery and find a beautiful girl that would be more than happy to go home with you. She will spend as long as you wish for her to spend with you – and you are the one in control of the entire evening. Whether you want companionship over dinner, at a work function, or simply in the quiet of your home, our girls are prepared to provide you with amazing companionship that will absolutely make your year!

Think about some of your wildest fantasies. Whether you are looking for a hot girl to make your friends jealous, shut them up after picking on you for not having a date, or to provide a striptease in your home, it is possible to get exactly that. Blondes, brunettes, and some more exotic girls are in our gallery and waiting for a phone call from you. You won’t find more stunning girls than what we have here at PHX Ladies. This means that you can try and pick up as many girls as you want at a local bar, but they will not be as hot as the girls within our gallery – and this is something that we are proud of. We are not like many other escort agencies because we pride ourselves on top-notch girls that are absolutely beautiful and have personalities to match.

We have many clients that repeatedly come to us for dates because they are looking for companionship on a higher level. Our girls are sexy, confident, and high class. This is all you can ask for and we are ready to provide them at a moment’s notice.

We also have some of the most competitive rates throughout the Phoenix area. We believe that you should have companionship without it costing you a fortune – which is why we are prepared to offer sexy escorts at a great price. Each girl has her own rate associated with her and when you call us, we can talk to you about the costs based upon which girl you want to spend time with and how long you plan on spending time with her.

The only thing that you have to do to get started is to call us or contact us using our online form. Let us know which girl interests you the most or let one of our friendly representatives help you select a girl based upon desirable features as well as personality. Some girls are going to be friskier than others, so it is all a matter of what your plans are for the evening. We will be sure to find a girl that will get your blood racing and put a smile on your face for the whole night.

You deserve to be happy and that means being in the company of a beautiful woman from time to time. You don’t have to date and you don’t have to sign up for dating websites. You simply need to know where to turn in Phoenix in order to make your evening a true thrill. PHX Ladies are a phone call away and we are one of the premier escort agencies in the city. You can count on us to find hot, adventurous girls unlike any other girl that you have ever met.

Our girls know how to make our clients happy and many are in high demand amongst our top clients. Whether you have had a long day at the office and want to relax or you simply want a female companion for your business trip while in Phoenix, we have a girl for you.

Let us set you up with a dream girl right now! It is one of the most thrilling experiences that you will ever have simply because our girls cannot possibly get any hotter.

Give Up On Traditional Dating: Phoenix Escorts Are Better!

What you have to do, if you are going to truly come to terms with how special it can be to book a Phoenix escort, is look at what you are giving up or, rather, what you are exchanging when you decide to go the escort route. Most men, if they have never hired an escort before, think that this is somehow an affront to their dignity as men. Why, they would never pay for the companionship of a woman, they say, feeling indignant and defensive and vowing never to do any such thing. They have no trouble getting women, after all. They are perfectly attractive men with plenty to offer the opposite sex. They are good providers, they are good earners, they are good in bed, and they know how to treat a woman with respect. Why, some of these men actually go so far as to treat women like royalty, bending over backwards to do anything they ask and making sure that all times, the women in their lives feel like they are being waited on hand and foot. It is these men who resist most the notion of booking a Phoenix escort… and it is these men who have the most to gain from the experience. That is because meeting and dating women the way these men believe it should be done – that is, meeting and dating women the old-fashioned way – is a terrible failure. It has become so over the last several decades. It is a bad joke that society plays on all men, and it is time this bad joke was finally put to rest where it belongs.

Traditional dating is a waste of both time and money. Booking a Phoenix escort is much more efficient, much more cost-effective, and much more enjoyable. Let’s look, then, at precisely why it is so much better to book a Phoenix escort, by looking at everything that is wrong with trying to meet women or pick them up according to the old fashioned rules that have been in force since you were young. You didn’t write these societal rules. They were there long before you and, possibly, there was a time when they made sense. With modern women and in modern society, however, these rules make no sense at all. They are guaranteed to leave you unfulfilled and, more importantly, they will turn your life miserable if you try to meet a woman the way meeting women has always been done. Let us explain in detail why this is true. When we’re done, you will realize that booking a Phoenix escort is the best possible option for feminine companionship. When we are done, we guarantee you will believe that there is no time to waste. Every hour you’re not with one of our beautiful, sexy, gorgeous girls is an hour that you will never get back. It’s time to take back dating on your time, on your schedule, within your budget, and on your terms. All that starts when you book a Phoenix escort. It is far, far superior to traditional, conventional dating. But why, exactly, is this true? It’s because dating the old-fashioned way is such a tremendous failure in every conceivable dimension of how it is done.

How do men meet women the old fashioned way? What is the traditional method of dating? Well, if you’re like most guys, you spend a lot of time hanging around bars, nightclubs, singles’ mixers, and other places that single people supposedly hang out. There is no telling how many hours you might spend in such a place. It’s an incredibly slow process. You can’t really do anything else while you’re hanging around a bar or a nightclub, either. Do you want to be the sort of loser who sits in a bar reading his tablet or the guy whose nose is lost in his phone the entire time? You’re never going to meet any women that way. So you instead have to devote your time to paying attention to what is around you. You try desperately to strike up conversations with women, either single or in groups. You approach those groups or individual women and you try your opening lines, your icebreakers, your conversation makers. You buy a lot of drinks for women, because that is what is expected of you. You are not the only guy prowling the scene, of course, so there’s plenty of competition. The first stage of the game is the longest, the saddest, and the loneliest, and that is just trying to get a woman to talk to you and give you the time of day, so to speak. But what happens when she does?

That’s when the real torture begins. It would be so much simpler to call and book one of our beautiful, sensual, sexy Phoenix escorts… but no, you’ve insisted on dating the old-fashioned way, so this is where you find yourself now. Once you’ve secured a young lady’s attention (for the moment, anyway), you’ve got to find some way to keep it. That means buying her more drinks, listening to her talk, absorbing her boring stories, and trying to keep her entertained and interesting on your own. But there’s more that you’ll have to deal with: You’ll have to put up with her friends, all of whom are on a sacred mission to stop her from hooking up with you or anybody else. You’ll have to fend off the hag patrol and all of their attempts to derail your conversation while also trying to engage your new lady friend… and if by some chance you manage to get her phone number, well, again, the trials and tribulations have only just begun for you.

Once you have a non-professional, amateur girl’s phone number, the real test begins. You have to start playing the texting game, going back and forth making a mixture of provocative small talk and other time-wasting nonsense. This is a minefield, because at any moment you could step on something explosive that ruins the whole process. Your whole purpose is to try and get her to meet you out for an official, in person date, for coffee or dinner or something like that. Everything you’ve done up to this point, all the time and money you’ve spent, all the hours whiled away in nightclubs with terrible music playing or in dark bars where you were bored to tears and frustrated by rejection, leads up to this. You finally manage to get her to agree to a date and now the two of you are out again, maybe even at the same place where you met (but let’s hope not), and you’re trying to get her to notice you. You may not have thought of it in these terms, but that’s what a date is: It’s an audition in which you try to convince that woman to give you another date.

Booking a Phoenix escort would be so much easier! You skip all of that process and just pick up the phone or take to your computer and get in touch with us to schedule the booking of your choice with the sexy young woman of your choice. But oh, no. The scenario we’re talking about is you trying to do things the hard way, the old-fashioned way. You don’t get to just book the time of a beautiful woman. You have to go out on this date and hope it develops into something, so you do. The stress and pressure on you are incredible. You have so much you have to try and watch out for. Anything that goes wrong is your responsibility. The success or failure of the date is entirely on you, and anything that sours it could spell disaster. The entire date involves you shelling out incredible amounts of time, attention, and money. You buy cards and flowers. You are attentive to her text messages.

You do everything you can to get in her good graces and stay in them. You try not to offend her, or to accidentally say anything that makes her upset. The whole time, all of the time and money you have invested in this process could suddenly be for nothing, because you could discover something about her that she has concealed from you that is a “deal breaker,” or she could decide on whatever whim or spur of the moment that you simply are not the “right guy” for her. You are now trapped in a cycle where you go out on dates and try to convince a young woman to give you… another date… so that you can repeat the whole process again. The pressure and stress are unrelenting, and nothing takes into account what you want, what you need, or your priorities. Welcome to the hell that is dating in the modern world according to the way things used to be done. But as bad as it is, it could still get worse.

How, you ask, could the modern dating experience of trying to attract a non-professional girl go worse? Well, the first way that it could go bad is that you end up wasting all the time, effort, and money that led up to where you are now. You see, at any time, the young lady you are attempting to date can decide she doesn’t want to see you. This could be because you made a mistake and failed one of her many tests of your worthiness. But it could also be the case that you haven’t made any mistakes at all… and she’s still not satisfied with you. So many women today are taught to be entitled, hypercritical, and ungrateful that literally nothing is good enough for them.

You may not have an opportunity to get any farther and you certainly will not be able to recover the money and time you’ve spent when your new lady friend calls a halt to the dating process. When that happens, when the whole thing grinds to a halt, you will have two choices. You can let her rip your heart out, go home, and be miserable and alone again, or you can get right back on the horse and start putting yourself through that whole punishing ordeal once more. You can waste that much more time, that much more money, and that much more risk of heartbreak. But of course, there is a third option you haven’t considered before, and that you must be considering now if you are here reading this.

That third option is the lovely ladies among the ranks of our beautiful Phoenix escorts. You have never seen a more luscious group of females in your entire life. All of our girls are not just women, however; they are also professional entertainers, and that is what makes all the difference. Set aside for a moment the fact that booking one of our Phoenix escorts means you can discard the entire painful, expensive, time-wasting dating process and skip right to the part at the end, where you are on a date with a gorgeous and sexy woman. Forget for a moment that, unlike with dating, there are no hidden costs to worry about when you go out with one of our girls. When you date a Phoenix escort, you are getting the undivided attention of a professional entertainer who knows how to treat you, knows how to keep a date going successfully, and who will take charge if anything doesn’t work as it’s supposed to while the two of you are out.

This is the ultimate release from the traditional dating world. Dating a Phoenix escort, booking the time of one of our beautiful young women, is more cost effective over the long run when compared to all the expenses incurred in traditional dating. When you date a “normal” woman, you could go through that whole drawn-out process and never actually have anything to show for it: no connection, no spark, no girlfriend, and not even so much as a one-night stand. You never know what you’re getting when you try to date an “amateur” woman. When you date a professional entertainer, however, you are getting her time, you are getting her attention, and you are getting her guarantee that you will enjoy yourself during the time you spend with her. She will put no demands on you. She will attach no strings. There is no drama and no baggage when you go out with Phoenix escort.

That is the other part of this, something you may not have stopped to think about. Going out with one of our beautiful girls, booking the time of a lovely and luscious Phoenix escort, is more than just the time, the convenience, the money, and the guarantee of having a beautiful woman devoted to your happiness. It’s also about what you do not get for your time and money: You don’t get the obnoxious, clingy, dramatic behavior that characterizes so many “normal” women. Women have a lot of problems. They have emotional baggage.

When you date a regular girl that you met somewhere, when you enter into a relationship with her, you are signing on to all her problems. If she has money problems, presto, you have money problems too now. If she has a terrible relationship with her family, you will be expected to deal with that and do something about it. If she is dealing with the attentions of an angry ex, you will have to cope with that awkward situation somehow. And whenever she is in a bad mood, whenever she just feels like messing with you, whenever she takes out her unhappiness on you or blames you for something that is not your fault, you will have to absorb that abuse. You will have no choice in the matter. That is the horrible package deal that is dating the traditional way: Not only do you get to spend all your money on an ungrateful drama queen who’ll probably stop being close with you the moment your relationship is official, but you’ll also get to spend all your time and money on her. What kind of deal is that?

By contrast, dating a Phoenix escort is far better. There is no drama with our girls. They will not bring their personal problems or their relationship baggage to your door. They will not bother you with any of their personal issues during your time together. And they will not expect you to cater to their every whim the way a “normal” girlfriend would. There is none of that when you book a Phoenix escort. There is only her making sure you are pleased and satisfied. Your Phoenix escort will spend the time you have booked, and she will be focused on you for the duration of the booking. She will not be distracted checking her phone. She will not be whining or complaining. She will not be presenting you with problems and expecting you to fix them. She will simply be enjoying herself and making sure that you are having fun too. That is the promise we make to you, and that is the reason you should be booking one of our beautiful escorts right now. We are the ticket out of the way it is always been. We are your escape from traditional dating. Booking one of our escorts is incredible simple and straightforward, and our girls know how to treat first-timers as well as seasoned repeat clients. You have never had a date as fulfilling as the date you will have when you go out with one of our girls.

Give Up On Internet Dating: Phoenix Escorts are Far Superior!

Perhaps you are still not convinced that you should book a Phoenix escort for feminine companionship, rather than trying things on your own. It’s possible that you have given some thought to addressing your need for the company of a beautiful woman by signing up for Internet dating. It’s very likely that you have at least considered it, because Internet dating is frequently held up as the normal way to replace the old, traditional, slow dating process we’ve already described on this site. For a long time, popular culture has promoted the sappy mythology that says you’ll go out and find a soul-mate after “meeting cute” through an Internet dating portal. Men have been clamoring to sign up for what are supposedly meat markets of the finest feminine flesh ever since. The average guy is just trying to meet a woman faster than he could doing it the hard way in person. By seeking the larger pool of potential dates to be had on the Internet, he figures maybe he can actually make a go of it and find someone. But realistically, can he?

The fact is that these Internet sites for dating simply aren’t that helpful to you. Many of these websites, for quite some time, have advertised how proud they are of their ability to match you up to someone well suited to you. They have you fill out lengthy lists of questions that are designed to match you up to someone who is similar to you. This is based on the concept that if you just fork over enough data about yourself to a site where lots of other people have already done the same thing, you might get lucky enough to find someone else who is sort of vaguely similar. Now, one of the biggest problems with this theory is that it doesn’t really account for those situations when people who are nothing alike find themselves drawn to each other for whatever other reasons. Have any of these dating websites really proven that their methods match up people who are truly compatible? As far as we know, they never have, and yet people continue to deliver all kinds of information to these sites in the vain hope that they’re going to meet someone who they will somehow fall in love with. Does this not seem like a terrible amount of personal information to be just shooting into the Internet and cyberspace, especially since most of these sites are paid sites where you have to use your credit card?

This information should be enough for you to determine that dating a Phoenix escort is far superior than subjecting yourself to the Internet dating process. But there are many other things that can go wrong when you engage in Internet dating, and they are based on which site you actually choose to give your information to. One of these sites, possibly one of the most famous sites out there (and one that had thirty million or more memberships across multiple countries) had a very high profile online. It presented itself as a very upscale place and members were expected to pay substantial fees to remain members in good standing. Paying for memberships is actually a trick that many sites use to keep you hooked, because they attach conditions to non-paid memberships (if you are able to sign up at all for free). If you want to read messages from people who are supposedly propositioning you or flirting with you, you have to pay. And if you want to be able to contact as many women as possible, you also have to pay.

The average man who has signed up for one of these Internet dating sites is left with the only conclusion possible to him, which is that if he wants to best chance of getting his money’s worth and meeting someone, he had better pay for the most premium membership possible and for all the bells and whistles. And if the month or the year goes by and he still hasn’t met anybody, why, the site’s management would tell him that this is HIS problem, not theirs. It must be that he didn’t fill out enough questions, or he doesn’t have a complete enough profile, or what he wrote in his profile isn’t good enough. There’s no word, exactly, on what a man is supposed to do when he signs up for an Internet dating site (where women make most of their judgments based on appearance) and he doesn’t look attractive enough in his profile photo or other site photos to actually draw anyone looking for a date. You would be positively depressed to see how many incredibly ugly women populate the average Internet site. They aren’t attractive, but they know it’s basically a seller’s market, so they act entitled and even critical. Ugly, fat women turn down overweight or unattractive men all the time on Internet dating sites. They don’t even turn them down, really, so much as they simply ignore them, because an Internet dating site is setup to make it extremely easy for the female members to ignore you. But that’s not the worst of it. No, the worst of it is that those female members may not actually exist.

You see, the Internet dating site we were describing, the upscale one that presented itself as a great place for even married men and women to meet and cheat, so to speak, was hiding a dirty little secret. Most of its members were men, all trying desperately to meet the handful of actual women who had signed up for the site. But of course the management understood this, because they had full access to the sign-up information, and now they were faced with a problem: How were they to stay in business if their site was nothing but a relentless sausage-fest of horny guys looking for women who weren’t there? Well, to keep these guys paying for memberships, the site’s owners did something incredibly sketchy: They started writing programs or hiring staffers to pretend to be female members of the site. In many cases this was just a few lines of computer code that simulated flirting. It probably wasn’t terribly convincing, but to a horny guy, it was convincing enough. Many men were taken in by these simulated women and kept paying into this scam in hopes of finally connecting with someone. Just how it was that many of them were members of the site long enough to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on membership fees without results just speaks to how desperate the average guy is to meet someone.

So, are you convinced yet that you should be booking the time of a beautiful Phoenix escort? When you book one of our gorgeous escorts, you know exactly what you are getting. There’s no hassle. There’s no back and forth. There’s no wondering if the person on the other end of the connection is truly who they say they are. You look through our pages, you pick your girl, we book her time, and the two of you go out together. If you like her, you can book her again and again. We encourage that, and we want every client to become a repeat client. You can even book more than one girl at the same time if you really like… but you’ve got to get in touch with us. You’ve got to take the first step. We can’t do that for you, and we can tell that some of you reading may still be thinking that an Internet dating site might be the way to go. You might be thinking you just have to stick with the “correct” sites and you’ll be safe. But will you? How can you trust an Internet dating site to truly protect all that incredibly personal information that they collect about you?

In the case of the Internet dating site we’ve been describing to you in horror story after horror story, the answer is, they didn’t. They didn’t protect their users’ information at all. This site even went so far as to showcase itself as a super-safe alternative to other Internet dating sites. They claimed that no matter what, your data would be safe with them. They charged extra money to their paying members to ensure that, for a fee, personal data could be scrubbed permanently and forever from the site if the user wanted to cover his tracks. As you know, the Internet has a long memory, and permanently removing any data can be easier said than done. But this website claimed that if you were having an affair through their site, your data would be securely deleted if you paid to have it be removed.

Now, if you stop to think about it, the site was really perpetrating a scam of epic proportions, because as long as things kept going along as they were, nobody would ever know that there were no female members and nobody was making any successful hookups despite spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on the website over time. After all, each one of the users was paying for what thought was discretion. He was hardly going to start comparing notes with other members. He wouldn’t even know who the other members were, or how to find them, at least in theory. This was all true until one day, it wasn’t anymore. That’s because one day, hackers got into the website’s database and discovered all that information still in there and still woefully unprotected. What happened next was pretty ugly… and if the people who had tried so desperately to make a connection through this site had instead booked Phoenix escorts, all of that ugliness could have been avoided. The hackers first tried to blackmail the website and, when the management didn’t give in to their demands, the hackers took everything one horrible step further.

Now, you should understand that none of this could ever happen to you when you book a Phoenix escort. Each and every one of our gorgeous girls, as a professional entertainer, knows that her job is built on client confidentiality. You can trust our ladies not to reveal your personal information but, more importantly, we don’t collect a lot of personal data about you in the first place. If we don’t collect it, if we don’t ask for it, we can’t very well lose track of it, can we? Our lovely Phoenix escorts will not poke around in your personal business. If you start to really get into her and the two of you are making a spark happen, even then, our girls know that there is a level beyond which they should not pry. Not only will we be protecting your privacy from the outset, but our girls won’t discuss you with anyone. They’ll never talk to a third party, they’ll never discuss you with each other, and they know not to bring their personal business to their bookings or their clients’ business back to their personal lives. Everything about our girls is rooted in absolute client confidentiality. The online dating site we were just talking about? Not so much.

All that data, ten gigabytes of it, was just loose on the Internet within days after the hackers first tried unsuccessfully to blackmail the site owners. As you can imagine, the Internet went completely nuts. The same people who were absolutely horrified when famous actresses’ naked photos were hacked “from the cloud” and spread around online (many people claimed this was a violation of the actresses’ privacy and that even looking at the leaked photos was like an act of violence against them) were more than happy to gleefully comb through the data and see who was trying (unsuccessfully, in most cases) to have an affair. Several famous people with high profiles were outed immediately and their careers and personal lives suffered accordingly. But even having their lives ruined wasn’t the worst that could happen to some of these unlucky Internet dating site users. A couple of them even committed suicide when the world was made aware of their private indiscretions.

You may be thinking that this high-profile case is not the norm. It’s not typical. Most of us aren’t using a site like this if we are engaging in online dating. We’re legitimately single and we’re trying to find someone else who is, too, right? Well, you would still be wrong about how helpful Internet dating can be in comparison to booking a Phoenix escort. Our girls are better than Internet dating because going out with a Phoenix escort is more efficient, more cost-effective, and much more pleasant than dealing with online dating. The more time you spend at online dating, the more people you try to start conversations with, the more you are wasting your life at something that will probably not produce results. How many weeks or months will you spend paying for a site membership only to discover that you still haven’t made any meaningful connections, and how much longer will you be trying to make this happen when it isn’t likely that it’s going to?

This is really a math problem and nothing else. It’s a question of the number of women versus the number of men on an Internet dating site. Now, there are sites like the one we talked about, where there are no female members and scamming programs try to make you believe that women are flirting with you so that you’ll keep paying for a membership… but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Most legitimate Internet dating sites have at least some female members. But the number of women is far outweighed by the number of men. There is no reason this wouldn’t be true, either, when you stop to think about it. How many women do you know who can’t find someone who is willing to date them if they merely make themselves available and then say yes to someone?

The average woman has multiple guys who would be willing to date her, as long as she is not an ugly pig, and to be honest, even ugly girls can get dates if they are willing to enthusiastically engage in intimate conduct with the guys they proposition. Heck, all an ugly girl has to do is hang around bars and then hit on drunk men, whose standards are lower and whose “beer goggles” are on in full force. There is very little reason a woman would need to sign up for an Internet dating site, but some of them do anyway. They are just vastly outnumbered by single, desperate, horny guys trying to make a connection with someone so they do not spend any more time alone.

Internet dating is certainly an improvement over the old, slow method of meeting women the old fashioned way. It is not, however, very much better. It’s just not that much of an improvement. You have to pay for a site membership every year or even every month. You could save some money by choosing the longer-term membership options, but it still adds up to some pretty serious cash. If you want to maximize your chances of meeting someone and getting in touch with someone, even just flirting and making small talk, you’ll need all the premium features of the site, and don’t think the site owners don’t know what happens when they put these vital features behind a paywall. They’re pretty much putting a gun to your head and telling you that you have to pay for memberships of the best quality if you don’t want all your time already invested to add up to a waste.

Now that you’re a member in good standing of an Internet dating site, and you’ve picked one that is legitimate, and you’ve located one of the few women on the site who is reasonably attractive, you’ve still got a lot of obstacles before you. For example, because of the ratio of male to female members at these sites, and because many of the female members are really quite unattractive, the few women who are good looking will have overflowing mailboxes. Men will be messaging them constantly. They know they have their pick of the site, so they will tend to be very selective in replying. They will either brush you off or, more frequently, they will simply ignore you. So you will send message after message to women on dating sites and never even know if those messages are being read. You will never hear anything back. You might as well be talking the fake women at the scam site we mentioned. It will do about as much good for you.

Let’s say, though, that you get lucky and manage to actually start a conversation with one of these rare women who actually notices your message from among the hundreds of other messages she gets every week. Now you have a different problem: How do you know she is who she says she is? All of the pictures she posts could be much older from when she was ten years younger and fifty pounds lighter. They could be pictures of someone else entirely. Why, she might even be a guy or a con artist; you have no way of knowing what you’re getting into. You could waste hours or weeks in pointless small talk with someone like this before she finally agrees to meet you, and when she does, it could be a disaster. Even worse, she might be the sort of person who decides after weeks of talking to you that you just aren’t worth her time, so again your effort and your money is wasted. There’s simply no way to know what sort of failure awaits you when you engage in online dating. It’s a pointless exercise in futility, most of the time. It gives you something to do, but that something isn’t fun, and there’s certainly no guarantee it will ever amount to anything or be worthwhile and productive. That’s just how it is.

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