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Should Women Be Cops? New Study Says…

The idea of women in combat, women as cops, women in… well, just about any job that has been traditionally male, has been around for a long time now. Recently, the Marine Corps announced that all Marines were being forced to undergo brainwashing — excuse us, “unconscious bias” training — to see if they secretly […]

Can Virgins Get Laid?

An anthropology professor at Rutgers, one Doctor Helen Fisher, has produced some research about the nature of virginity and whether virgins have much hope when it comes to getting laid. Apparently almost half of all women admit that they don’t want to date a man who hasn’t had sex before. At the very least, they […]

Why Should You Hire A Phoenix Escort?

It can be exciting to spend the evening with a hot girl on your arm. You are sure to get plenty of extra attention throughout the evening, as people will be watching your girl as she makes an entrance into restaurants, clubs, and anywhere else the two of you go. This extra attention may be […]

Do Women Watch Porn?

It’s a fact that men watch porn. Every man watches porn, in fact. This is due to the fact that, quite probably, there are very few things (other than the actual company of a beautiful, sexy woman, such as a Phoenix escort) that men find better than porn. Studies of porn-watching behavior have been repeatedly […]

Meet Our Girls: Alex, Allison, Becca

Have you ever wondered just what makes us special here? Each and every one of our beautiful, sexy escorts is a trained professional whose job is to entertain. She knows how to make you happy. More importantly, she has to make you happy, because she is devoted to giving you the best possible experience.  The […]

What are you waiting for?

Why haven’t you contacted us yet? Our girls are not only beautiful, but also adventurous and personable. You will find that they are very easy to talk to and are open to just about anything that you may suggest. This makes it possible for you to have a significant amount of fun while you are […]

Lady Profile: Karla

Karla, our lovely escort profile this time out, is one of our most popular new girls, and we thought this would be a great way to introduce her. Karla loves to spend her time being active and staying fit. She is especially fond of sports and going to baseball games and other outings.  She admits […]

Lady Profile: Julia

Julia is a wild child who loves to dance, loves to get close to her clients, and enjoys very much that her task is to party down with the best of them.  She is a naughty girl and very honest about that fact.  ”I know that lots of girls like to claim to be naughty,” […]

Stress Relief in a Stressful World, Part 2 of 2

At the end of a long work day, after working late (because he wouldn’t want his manage to see him as a clock-watcher or, worse, to see him leaving even a minute early), he makes his stressful way home, once again braving the roads and the dangerous drivers on them, once again worrying about the […]