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Frequently Asked Questions

We have created a frequently asked questions page in order to help you feel at ease. You may feel uncomfortable asking certain questions over the phone and we have created these questions based upon some of the most frequently asked that we get from our clients. We hope that you find the answers that you are looking for as it is our goal to make you feel as comfortable as possible when obtaining a beautiful girl to spend time with, day or night.

Browse through our questions and if you have any others when you are done, we are happy to answer them for you.

Q- I have never done this before, how does this work?
A: We get this a lot and its pretty simple. Simply pick the date that you like, call us and we will set you up. It’s that easy!

Q: Is this legal?
A; Yes, of course escort agencies are legal. We are simply helping lucky guys find dates with beautiful women!

Q: How do the woman charge for their companionship?
A: You can check the rates section on the website for specific pricing details

Q: How old do I need to be?
A: Our clients need to be at least 18 years old.

Q: Is my information private?
A: Absolutely, we keep any info complete private and confidential and take great measures to ensure your confidentiality.

Q: How do I book a girl?
A: Booking a girl at is one of the easiest things that you can do. We have phone representatives that can help you select a girl or you can browse through the gallery on your own to find a hot girl to spend the evening with. Our extensive gallery will ensure that all of your desires are met with the physical attributes that our girls possess. Once you choose a girl that you want to spend time with, you simply fill out our reservation contact form and we will call you as quickly as possible. Whether you are looking for a girl tonight or at a later date, we will set up the time and place so that you can have all of the female companionship that you desire.

Q: Is it legal?
A: Absolutely. At PHX Ladies, we provide a legal way of enjoying female companionship. The time that you book with the girl is purely for companionship. You are paying for her time to be with you. As consenting adults, the two of you decide what you are going to do during the time that you have booked. This is not a form of prostitution nor is soliciting our escorts for sex anything that we condone.

Q: What clothes should I wear?
A: You can wear whatever you like. Preparing for time with an escort can be nerve-racking, especially if you have never done it before. We recommend to all of our clients to dress as you would for a normal date. If you are going to a nice restaurant, we recommend a nice dress shirt, slacks, and a tie. If you are planning on staying at home, it can be something much more casual and comfortable. You should also practice proper grooming and hygiene, which includes taking a shower, wearing deodorant, and even splashing some cologne on. Our escorts are going to show up looking absolutely radiant and they are going to appreciate any measures that you take for your own presentation as well.

Q: What will it cost?
A: Our rates at PHX Ladies are some of the best in the area. We offer competitive hourly rates, and they will vary from girl to girl. In order to establish the cost, we ask that you fill out our reservation form so that one of our representatives can call you. Once we find out which girl you want and how much time you want to spend with her, we will be able to establish an exact pricing for the evening.

Q: Why are some girls more expensive than others?
A: Some of our girls are going to be more expensive than others. The time spent with the girls is for companionship and some are going to have higher rates because of beauty, experience, and some of the things that they are willing to do on a date, such as lingerie modeling, strip teases, and various other things. When you call for a reservation, our representatives will discuss some of the pricing in depth with you and allow you to choose from some of the more affordable or more experienced girls based upon your budget.

Q: What will a girl do?
A: A girl is going to spend time with you. The hourly rate that you pay is for companionship. She will spend the evening in your hotel room, accompany you to business functions, enjoy dinner with you, and various other things. What the two of you choose to do is based upon both of you as consenting adults.

Q: How can I pay?
A: At PHX Ladies, we take all major credit cards as well as cash. If you have questions about how to pay, or when, we recommend that you fill out the reservation form so that one of our reservation specialists can answer your questions. All payment is collected upfront.

Q: Do I have to pay for everything we do on the date?
A: You are the one asking for companionship and therefore it is expected that you are going to pay for everything that the two of you do together on the date. This includes going out to dinner, going into clubs, or doing anything else. This means that anything that you choose to do above and beyond the standard companionship is going to be paid for by you. If the two of you go out to dinner and then dancing, you will pay the hourly fee for companionship as well as the total cost for dinner, as well as any admissions into clubs, drinks at the bar, and anything else.

Q: I’m new to the Phoenix area, what should we do?
A: We are happy to provide recommendations for you in terms of where to eat, what shows to go to, and what other forms of entertainment are available throughout the Phoenix area. When you book a reservation for one of our beautiful girls, you can decide what you want to do and we will make recommendations from there. This is part of our VIP treatment and we are happy to provide you with any help along the way, including booking reservations on your behalf.

Q: What is the difference between incall and outcall services?
A: At PHX Ladies, the majority of our services are out-call. In some situations, and with some girls, we are able to offer in-call services. Determining which one you will be able to get will require you to choose a girl and then fill out our reservation contact form. In-call services involve you visiting a girl at a predetermined location. Out-call services involve the girl coming to you at a location that you determine, such as your hotel room or home.

Q: Will a girl take special requests?
A: Many of our girls love to take special requests. You can ask for a girl to wear a certain type of outfit based upon what the two of you are planning to do. If you are into role-playing and you would like a certain costume, let us know when we book a reservation and we will pass this on to the girl of your choosing. Many of our girls have plenty of their own costumes, though if you require a costume that they do not own, you will be expected to provide one for them. You can also make requests as to how you would like their hair worn, among various other things. Our girls are in the business of making fantasies turn into realities and if they can do anything to help with this, they are more than happy to do so.

Q: Can I talk to a girl first?
A: Absolutely! If you are uncomfortable making a reservation simply by viewing a picture and reading a profile, we are happy to set up a time for a girl to call you so that you can have a brief conversation. This can help you to feel more comfortable about spending time with a Phoenix escort and our girls are happy to answer some questions that you may have in order to relieve any stress you may be having over the situation. We do ask that you maintain the highest level of respect for the girls at all times and we do not condone propositioning them at any time. If at any time a girl feels uncomfortable with the questions that you are asking, they have been advised to hang up on the call.

Q: Can I book more than one girl?
A: There are always opportunities to book more than one girl at a time if that is something you desire. This is something we need to know about during the reservation as some of our girls play better together than others. There is no discount by booking more than one girl as you will need to meet each of their companionship hourly rates. You can also choose a different girl each time you call and book our services in order to enjoy some variety in your life.

Q: Is there an extra fee if I’m a couple?
A: We have couples occasionally that would like to enjoy some companionship and we are happy to accommodate. Some of our girls prefer to keep it between the two of you while others don’t mind someone else in the equation. Let us know if it will be a couple when you book and we will determine if additional fees are going to apply.

Q: What is the minimum time with a girl?
A: The minimum time to book with a girl is one hour. If you decide to spend less time with the girl, you will still be charged for the full hour. Of course, there is the opportunity to book for considerably longer as well. It is all a matter of what you plan on doing and what your goals are for the evening.

Q: Can I book for longer?
A: Sure! When you call to make a reservation, our reservation specialists are going to talk to you about how long you would like to reserve a girl for. Our beautiful girls are in high demand, and we ask that you determine how much time you want to spend with them prior to them showing up on your doorstep. If you book for three hours, you will be charged for three hours, even if you choose to spend less time with them. This is because they are potentially missing out on other opportunities to book their time because you have reserved them for a certain amount of time. If you book for one hour and then you choose to make it for longer or an overnight, we will attempt to accommodate you, though it is not always possible. Our girls have certain schedules that they keep, just like everyone else. Many of our girls are students and work other jobs. If they are able to accommodate you, then we can absolutely extend, though it is not always possible.

Q: How many hours is an overnight?
A: An overnight is considered eight hours, though it can vary based upon what time you are asking a girl to arrive. It is also important to stress that an overnight is purely for the purposes of companionship. It may be easier to offer an overnight when you want to start a date at midnight and don’t plan on sleeping much – or you would like the companionship to extend through the night. Many of our escorts offer this opportunity, though it is something that you will need to discuss when you make your reservations.

Q: What if I want to travel?
A: We have had many clients that have wished to travel with our beautiful escorts and it is possible in many situations. Not all of our escorts are able to travel, though many can. The prices are generally negotiated with the escort based upon her availability. You may be able to travel throughout the state, country, or even abroad with one of our Phoenix escorts. We recommend that you schedule a shorter date with one of the escorts first before considering travel with them to ensure that your needs will be met by the girl’s looks and personality. Once you decide that you would like to spend a significant amount of time with one of the girls, we can then begin talking about details, including the full itinerary. If you would like an escort to travel with you, it is expected that you pay for all travel expenses, including airfare, hotel, and food, in addition to their companionship rates.

Q: What if I need to cancel?
A: We understand that there are going to be situations that are out of your control. If you have booked an escort and you need to cancel, we ask that you contact us immediately. We want to give our escorts the chance to rebook their time so that they do not miss out on an earning opportunity. If you have booked several days in advance, we ask for a 24-hour cancellation notice. If you have booked for a same-day escort visit, we ask for at least one hour cancellation notice. In the event of a no-show, you will be charged in full because our escort showed up at the desired time and location, and was unable to earn income from another source. If you have additional questions about our cancellation policy, we ask that you fill out the reservation form for one of our representatives to call you.

Q: How old can I be?
A: As long as you are at least 18 years of age, you are old enough for female companionship as far as we are concerned at PHX Ladies. Many of our clients range in ages from 18 years of age all the way into their 70s and above. There is no age limit in terms of when you can enjoy female companionship and we are happy to accommodate you regardless of how old you are, as long as you are legal.

Q: What if I have a disability?
A: Many of our clients have one kind of disability or another. We have many escorts that deal with disabilities on a regular basis and it is of no concern to them. We ask that you identify a disability when you make a reservation so that we can find an escort that is comfortable with this. It is also requested the so that we can make an escort aware of the situation prior to arrival so that it does not hinder the time that you two are together.

Q: Is my information kept confidential?
A: All of your information is kept confidential at all times. We request that you provide us with accurate contact information in the event that there is ever a problem. None of your personal information is ever shared or sold and we will only provide information to a law enforcement agency if it pertains to a legal investigation where we are required to part with the information. Otherwise, everything submitted to us over the website is kept in a secure electronic file and credit card information is never kept. We will collect this information from you each time you make a reservation.

We want you to understand that from the first moment you contact us, your privacy and your confidentiality is paramount. We will never share your information with any third party, so you don’t have to worry about ending up on some spammer’s mailing list. We also will never discuss the fact that you used our service with anyone outside the company. We train our girls to be discreet, too. They will not share with anyone anything they learn about you, and they will not discuss you with their fellow escorts. Every time you use our service you can do so in complete trust that we are protecting your privacy. The way we see it, who you spend your time with is your business. We will never stand in the way of you making a connection with a girl whom you really seem to be resonating with, and we will work hard to facilitate putting you in touch with the loveliest, most compatible girls who best meet your needs and are the most appealing to you. Contact us today and look through our site to choose someone.

Q: How much advance notice do I need to provide?
A: It is always a good idea to provide as much notice as possible. We recommend at least three or four days in advance of when you would like female companionship. If you are planning on an overnight, a weekend, or even longer, it is best to give us even more notice to ensure that we are able to accommodate you and so that one of our girls is able to clear her schedule in order to spend time with you. In many instances, we are able to accommodate last-minute notices as well. If you decide that you would like to have female companionship tonight, many of our girls will be able to meet with you within the hour if they are not already booked by one of our other clients.

Q: Are all the girls real?
A: Yes! All the girls found throughout our gallery are real girls. They have provided photos of themselves in order to make themselves more desirable to you. Each and every girl that you see are real girls that work at PHX Ladies. We believe it is important to provide real pictures, so you are aware of who will be knocking on your door after making a reservation with us.

If you still have questions, we suggest that you fill out our reservation request form so that one of our friendly representatives can call you. This provides you with the opportunity to ask as many questions as you would like about our services, our girls, and how everything works. Filling out the reservation request form in no way requires you to obtain our services.

It’s important to understand that we are here to help. We understand that if you are a first-time client you may have many questions, or simply be unsure about how all of this is supposed to work. We are very happy to assist you in that case. We know what it is like and, more importantly, so do our girls. They are all super friendly and would be happy to help walk you through the process of what it is like to hire a Phoenix escort. We really want you to get this ball rolling as soon as possible, because the sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start fulfilling your needs. The adventure of a lifetime starts when you book a Phoenix escort. Our girls are the best in the business and everything you want a beautiful woman to be: poised, sophisticated, classy, and fun, capable of being casual, and absolutely focused on you. This focus on you is very important because it’s a kind of attention you probably haven’t gotten before. And if you have fantasies you would like to live out, that’s what we’re here for! It’s how we do our jobs well. It’s why we’re so good at them.