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If you are on the lookout for a soft spoken, loving and friendly companion with a touch of class and style, then your search ends here! This is Fiona for you, an awesome young woman who can be the most daring and caring companion to liven up your day. Come enjoy some time with a stunning, bright, sweet, and attractive lady. And don’t miss those long sexy legs and those killer curves that I have babe! Call me before someone else does!



Age 26


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Phoenix escorts Phoenix escortsWhen you are looking for a soft-spoken and gorgeous girl to spend time with, Fiona should certainly be at the top of your list. She has vivacious curves that are part of her charm and she looks like a swimsuit model, no matter what she is wearing. She is definitely a show stopper with her blonde hair and is sure to give you a lot of attention, regardless of whether the two of you are alone at your place or out and about. She is sophisticated and friendly, and has a very outgoing personality that is sure to put you at ease instantly.Fiona may not have a lot of height, but the height that she does come from her long legs. Her killer curves are one of the main reasons that she stays booked with our escort agency in Phoenix, so if you plan on spending some time in her company, you want to make sure to get your reservation in before someone else beats you to it. She knows how to handle her men, and you will want her to handle, you any time that you have available. Whether it is day or night, she is looking for a friendly companion and can be just what you need after a long day at the office.She is an amazing young woman that can be outrageous and daring at times. She has a large selection of costumes and loves to role play, so if there is a particular fantasy that you want to live out, she is definitely the girl for you. She has a bi-curious orientation, which may be just what you are looking for as well. She is open to just about any adventure that you can throw at her, so when you want to spend some time with an incredible girl, Fiona is the one to ask for. You can book now by filling out our contact form or calling us on our toll-free number.

Fiona is very proud of her ability to seduce a man. She likes to think that there are degrees of seduction, and that a woman’s talents should be judged on how well she applies these levels. “I think seduction is built on many different tiers of ability in a beautiful woman,” she says. “On the first level, you’ve got a woman who uses her body to seduce a man. She walks up to him, she bends over to give him a good look in whichever direction. She touches his arm and gets up close to him, kind of presses herself against him. She makes excuses for getting close to him. I’ve seen women do this in really forward ways, going so far as to get on a guy’s lap at a club or something, and play it off like it’s a joke. Deep down, both the guy and the girl know what’s going on there. That’s one level of seduction. Then there is the next level, a more sophisticated level, where she uses just the power of her mind and his imagination. She talks to him in a certain way. She whispers into his ear, maybe. She talks dirty to him. This could be in person or it could be over the phone or whatever. She turns him on by explaining to him all the naughty things they’ll do for each other. That’s the next level.”

Fiona goes on, “Then there is the most incredible level of seduction. That’s where you don’t use your eyes and you don’t put a hand on him. You just look. You give him a smoldering, bedroom eyes look that says you’re going to give him the night of his life. Your eyes lock with his and you keep that contact, and that’s when you make that connection. It’s completely visual and it’s completely subtle. Not a lot of girls can pull that off, but I can. I’ve got those moves down. I think a woman who can accomplish something like that has really tapped her full sexuality, and when that happens, she’s well on her way to being the sort of incredible woman who could make her living as a Phoenix escort. This job isn’t for everybody, but I have seen a lot of girls really come into their own doing this. This is a chance to truly tap your feminine side, to get in touch with who you are. You want to get deep down inside yourself and really feel what it is that makes you who you are.”

Fiona loves getting close to other women as part of her job. “The whole bi-curious thing is not just an act with me,” she says. “It’s really who I am. I adore other women. They’re so sensual and sexy and fun. And I love the reactions we get when men see us getting close to each other. It just makes everything we’re doing that much hotter. It makes it sexier. I love this job.”

Phoenix escorts
Phoenix escorts