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Hello gentlemen, I am Taylor. I am a free spirited young lady and want to hear your wildest dreams to see which ones I can fulfill for you. I am always well groomed in the perfect manner and take pride in always looking beautiful and presentable. If we have not had the opportunity of meeting each other yet, allow me to define who I am. I am a well read, sophisticated, classy and passionate girl. My figure is 36-26-40 with the prefect hourglass shape. I’m waiting for you to call me so I can be yours for the evening!



Age 27


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Phoenix escorts Phoenix escortsIf you are in the mood to spend time with a hot blonde, Taylor is the free spirit that you have been looking for. She wants to hear all about your wildest dreams and see which ones she can fulfill for you. She takes great pleasure in grooming herself before her time with a man and always wants to be presentable and absolutely breathtaking. She wants to meet new people and this may be your chance to meet this gorgeous girl. She may look like your girl next door, but she is much hotter and has a much more outgoing personality. She will dress the part of anyone you want her to be. She is just as happy dressing for a business cocktail party as she is being a temptress knocking on your hotel room at midnight. All you have to do is tell her what you want and she will deliver.Many of our clients like to say that Taylor is the perfect package. She is petite, bi-curious, well read, sophisticated, and passionate. She has the perfect hourglass shape and you can be mesmerized by her curves for hours. She loves to show off her curves in lacy lingerie and scantily clad outfits and if you book time with her, she is certainly going to give you a show! You deserve a real woman and this is the woman that can leave you absolutely breathless because of how beautiful she is.Taylor is very friendly and loves to spend time with men who know how to treat her with the highest level of respect. She is sexy, likes to flirt, and knows the power that she has on a man. When you want to spend some time with a girl that knows how to please you, then Taylor is definitely the one that you want to ask for when you call or fill out our contact form.

Taylor loves making memories that last a lifetime. She’s very aware that when a man books an escort, especially for the first time, he’s looking to experience something he hasn’t seen or felt before. He may not even realize just how much respect and attention is coming his way, because most men have never experienced the focus that comes with dating a Phoenix escort. When you book one of our girls, you will get her absolute attention, without distractions, no matter what. She won’t be checking her phone or acting like she’s bored. She won’t criticize you or make demands of you. She will never, ever complain, and she will always take everything about you very seriously. These are experiences most men have never had. In traditional relationships and dating, they’re used to being with unpleasant, ungrateful, hypercritical women who are never nice to them and who are constantly looking for reasons to leave them and “trade up.” Traditional dating is exhausting for that reason.

Taylor is different. Taylor knows how to treat a man, and she’s very aware that this experience will be so unique for you that you’ll be hard pressed to get over it once it happens. We may well ruin you for all other dating. “Once you’ve been with me,” she says, “you won’t want to go out with anyone else. Why would you? I can make your whole day better. I can show you what it’s like to get the respect you deserve. It’s a wonderful thing to finally, after a lifetime of being mistreated, experienced what you’ve been missing. Most men quickly become infatuated with me because this is so unusual for them. It takes a few escort experiences before they start to realize that it can be that good every time. And then they never want to experience feminine companionship any other way. I can’t say I really blame them. This is the right way to do it. This is the way to make your life better. This is the way to ensure that you always have the company of a beautiful woman when and where you want it, with no distractions and no ties. There are no demands. You just get what you want as you like it. This is a great service and more people should know about it.”

Taylor is never ashamed of her body and she’s always looking to show it off. She loves to look at herself in the mirror. She also knows that she’s a flirty girl but she thinks a flirty girl can make a man’s whole day. “I love to use my body to please others, even if that’s just dressing in something small and tight and going out and being seen. A smile and wink from a beautiful girl is the sort of thing that can make a man happy all day long. If you knew you had the power to give that kind of happiness to someone, why wouldn’t you? It costs nothing.”

Phoenix escorts
Phoenix escorts