Can Virgins Get Laid?

An anthropology professor at Rutgers, one Doctor Helen Fisher, has produced some research about the nature of virginity and whether virgins have much hope when it comes to getting laid. Apparently almost half of all women admit that they don’t want to date a man who hasn’t had sex before. At the very least, they admit they would be reluctant to get involved with him. Fisher says that men who do not “have regular intercourse” have what she calls a “barrier” to intimacy. Apparently women want to be reassured, through sexual compatibility, that they are not getting themselves into something that will end badly.

Interestingly, the issue doesn’t seem to be that men who haven’t had sex before don’t have the skills to be good in bed. Most women would tell you that a man who is eager to please can be shown how to do so, at which point he will become a reliable lover by the woman who takes his hand and takes the time to show him the ropes. She may even be better off with a lover who has not had time or experience enough to develop “bad habits.” Then too, there is the fact that dating and becoming intimate with a virgin is a lot less risky than dating or becoming intimate with someone who has an extensive sexual history. That’s a polite way of saying you don’t have to worry about catching anything from a virgin or even from a “normal” person, but someone who is super slutty might be another thing (even though, yes, they definitely know what they’re doing in the bedroom).

So what’s the issue? It turns out that it’s the commitment thing again. Women are worried that men who haven’t had sex don’t really understand “how to relationship like a grownup” and therefore won’t be able to commit to something worthwhile. So for women it comes down to the investment of their time in a given relationship. They don’t want to waste time and energy on a virgin because they don’t want to end up with a failed relationship on their hands.

This contrasts sharply with the fact that men deal with this type of lack of certainty every time they try to date the old fashioned way. When a guy goes out to a bar or club, and tries to get a woman to talk to him, and tries out all his pick up lines and his game theory and everything else that guys do to try and pick up chicks, they get acquainted really fast with the idea that they could be wasting their time and money. A guy who spends hours of his life and countless dollars on drinks, meals, cover charges, and so on, knows that there is a very good chance all that time and money spent will be completely wasted. He could invest all those resources only to find he has absolutely nothing to show for it when he is done.

The reason for this is that at any time, a woman can call the whole thing off. A guy spends his dating time as if he’s on the longest and toughest job interview of his life. He can’t make any mistakes. He can’t afford to be himself. If he says the wrong thing, if he expresses the wrong opinion, if he disagrees with her or offends her, she may decide he’s not worth it. She may decide her time is better spent on a different guy. That means the guy  could be out all his time and money with nothing to show for it. He’s got no relationship. He’s got no girlfriend. And he’s got to start all over again from scratch, running through that same terrible cycle, trying to get a girl’s attention in bars, clubs, and singles mixer places.

This is a terrible way to treat men, but it’s how our society has been doing it since dating was invented. Men are seen as more or less interchangeable wallets. Women are the ones with all the power. They have the ability to say yes or no. They are desired, and they know it. It’s almost as if they can live without sex, but we know that’s not the case.

They want it every bit as much as men do. The difference is that most women don’t know what it is be desperate for intimacy and for sex. Even an ugly woman can have sex anytime she wants if she finds a guy drunk enough or desperate enough to do it. She can make up for in enthusiasm and cooperation what she lacks in appearances. This is true of almost any woman, no matter how ugly. If she’s willing to put out, she can pretty much write her own ticket, and she doesn’t have to worry about being lonely. This is very different than the way things are for guys, who very much do have to worry.

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