Should Women Be Cops? New Study Says…

The idea of women in combat, women as cops, women in… well, just about any job that has been traditionally male, has been around for a long time now. Recently, the Marine Corps announced that all Marines were being forced to undergo brainwashing — excuse us, “unconscious bias” training — to see if they secretly don’t think women are as good as men at being Marines. Of course, the biological fact that on average, women aren’t as strong as men, or as aggressive as men, doesn’t seem to matter. These politically correct days it seems if you think you should be able to do something, it doesn’t actually matter if you can.

Well, the same question has been asked of female police officers and security guards. The fact is, women are generally smaller and less aggressive than men. That makes them less effective in positions that require them to use force, such as military and security positions. If you look online at YouTube you’ll see lots of videos of female police officers getting mauled by criminals. They just can’t hack it, on average, when they’re up against people who are bigger than stronger. But now Berkley’s center for “Labor Research and Education” has gotten in on teh act and done a study on the “working conditions” in the “property services industry” in california.

Specifically, the study looked at security guards and even janitors. It claims women in these jobs are at “increased risk of violence and sexual harassment.” These are people who work alone at night in largely empty buildings, isolated from other people with the exception of a few coworkers and bosses. Supposedly, this increases the risk of sexual harassment because of the absence of witnesses. In other words, it’s harder for a woman to scream “you sexually harassed me” when there’s nobody around to corroborate her story… or wait, doesn’t that make it easier?

For all the complaining about this “invisible problem,” it seems more likely that claiming you’ve been sexually harassed is a fast way to get ahead, or get out of a bad performance review, when there’s nobody around to say otherwise to your claims. Just think about the popular culture nonsense about “street harassment.” You’ve seen the video: A reasonably attractive woman stomps around New York City for ten hours, and from that ten hours, the video’s editors were able to find two or three minutes of men saying hello, or telling her she was pretty, or saying she should smile. When she ignores them and doesn’t respond at all, a few say angry things at her (because she’s just been rude to them). But these entitled days, you can’t even say hello to a woman without permission (which raises the question of how you’re supposed to get permission in the first place).

“Harassment” has been redefined as something as simple as daring to say hello to a woman you don’t already know. And that makes us wonder if all this talk about “sexual harassment” in the property services industry aren’t just a convenient way of covering for women who perhaps don’t work as hard, or as effectively, as their male counterparts. Who makes you feel more safe in a dark parking lot: A woman dressed as a security guard, or a man?

The report predictably blames everybody but the employees themselves. What’s the point of all this except to cover for people who can’t actually do their jobs? This idea that sexual harassment is waiting behind every rock and under every tree is just an elaborate way of making excuses. It can’t possible be the case that everything in the world is sexist and saturated in sexual harassment. If women want to complain about sexual harassment they might want to look at nations where women have no rights, like Muslim nations where women don’t have the right to drive a car and where it is legal for their husbands to beat them and make them wear burkas.

First world problems of Western women aside, it should be obvious that positions like security and cop jobs should be a meritocracy. These are dangerous jobs that require people to do them who are up to the task. You don’t want a one hundred pound woman to come to your defense when three hundred pound drunk gets rowdy in a bar. You don’t want a small woman to come to your rescue when a group of thugs is wilding their way through a shopping mall. Yet we’re told if we think this, if we embrace this reality, we’re sexists.

You know who’s not worrying about sexism? It’s the most beautiful women in the world. All the complaining about sexism and misogyny, all the feminist whining, is really just a way to try and elevate ugly women into positions they haven’t otherwise earned. This is common. People who can’t accomplish something on their own always want the government to do it for them. And people who lack the skill or ability to do a job always want to blame some external force for their failure.

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